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Dear Bulletjie supporters,


This year Bulletjie Rugby is 21 years old! The Blue Bulls Rugby Union is immensely proud of this popular project. 


We realise that this rugby format is immensely popular among young children at entry level and as such, we treasure the valuable support of parents to ensure success of the project. 


The 2014 Bulletjie season is due to be launched soon and it promises a lot of fun for young players, while offering numerous opportunities to learn and develop skills. We have to remember that this project is aimed at children, to develop a love for rugby, the game that brings us together. It is important for parents to respect the principles of the programme. What I am trying to emphasise, is that we as adults should ensure that the principles of Bulletjie rugby is honoured and that these principles remain based on healthy values and norms. 


We are not in the process of indulging in competition, specialisation, achievements and the development of future Springbok players! We need you to respect the principles and building blocks of the project.


During the year we will implement a few changes that relate to the format of the game and I request all coaches that will attend training sessions to note the changes and familiarise themselves with the changes. We also urge all coaches and referees to get the Boksmart qualifications that are compulsory according to IRB and SA Rugby. (Please visit the Bulletjie web site or contact the Bulletjie organiser at your school for more information). Also note that girls may play Bulletjie rugby, with the boys, but only on non-contact level.


We hope that this year will be enjoyable and fun for all involved in the project!


Best wishes


Johan Schoeman

General Manager: Game Development

          Blue Bulls Rugby Union



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